The thought of settling down and becoming someone’s wife terrifies Nerissa Ford. Her parents’ destructive marriage leads her to feel that she’s better off single. Bursting unexpectedly into her life is Lincoln Reynolds. Thinking she’s found the perfect man that is nothing like her father, she marries her college lover, Lincoln.

Two kids and a few short years later, Lincoln devastates Nerissa with a heart breaking CONFESSION that threatens to destroy their marriage. When Nerissa sets out to get her husband back, she never thought she’ll end up with a devastating CONFESSION of her own.

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“Do I dare cross the line?” is the burning question that enters Professor, Dr. Sanaa Stanford’s mind on a daily basis while teaching the hot young stud, Slade McDaniels.
Dr. Sanaa Stanford has always had a high sex drive and big appetite for delicious looking men. But when she starts tutoring the universities star football athlete, Slade McDaniels, never in a million years did she expect to get caught up in a hot steamy affair with him. Being involved with Slade McDaniels jeopardizes everything she’s worked so hard for. Putting it mildly, the young jock has his teacher wrapped around his finger. And whether Sanaa likes it or not, Slade is determined to get the young horny professor in his bed.
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The sexy CEO of, Elaina Brookes, is great at matchmaking exotic women with rich, hot influential men. Yet when it comes to finding a mate for herself, she sucks.
When her newest client, Hasan Francis, walks into her office, she’s anxious to help the hot attractive stud find the perfect soul mate that’ll meet his every desire and need. However, Elaina is shocked to learn that Hasan already has his woman of choice selected—her.

As Hasan and Elaina embark on a steamy delicious love affair that allows her to unleash her wildest sexual fantasies, someone tries to kill Elaina. Hasan swears to protect Elaina and he’s determined to keep Guarding His Lover until the stalker is brought to justice.

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Exotic Dancer, Giselle Gabera aka Bambi, is the most sought after female dancer of all times. She’s beautiful, smart, and has a body that drives men crazy.  At the top of her game, the only thing that’s missing from her life is love.

The day before Valentine’s Day, Bambi, goes to a luxurious five star hotel located in the snowy mountains of Colorado, and showcases her supreme talent at a Bachelor’s party. While she’s performing a hot strip tease number for a group of wild horny men, she spots a handsome gentleman, with a seemingly cool demeanor, sitting at the bar. When their gazes connect, something electrical ignites inside Bambi.

Ryder Spelling, the best man, is mesmerized by Bambi’s beautiful face, talent, and luscious body. The young, wealthy oil tycoon has seen a lot of pretty women in his lifetime, but he’s never been drawn to any of them like he is to exotic looking Bambi. When Bambi provides Ryder with a seductive lap dance, he whispers in her ear, and makes her an offer that’s impossible to refuse.
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