Erotic Foods


Do you want to enhance your sexual pleasure? If so, learn about the power of Erotic Foods.


Do you remember Casanova? Well Casanova was known to share oysters to wet and increase sexual appetites. Some cultures such as the Greeks and Romans believed in eating exotic dishes right before intercourse and sensual pleasures.

When it comes to lovemaking erotic and nutritious foods plays a vital role with the quality of our sex. If you want your libido to increase, eat healthy and serve up that erotic food in a sensual way, and hot damn, your sexual function may be rejuvenated.

Erotic Fruits


The banana is my favorite simply because the way it is shaped. Its softness and creaminess contributes to the fruits reputation for being sensuous. Tease your partner with the banana by rubbing it on her lips, breasts, and vagina. Women suck on the banana for him while the both of you are naked. Deep throat the fruit while rubbing on your clit. He’s going to wish he was the banana and become heated. The best is yet to come after this.

Strawberries and Cherries

These are good for a number of sensual activities and eating. Cover the strawberries in chocolate or white chocolate and you are in for a divine treat. Your partner can feed you these and then lick or suck the juice from your lips. Cherries are also fun and pleasurable. Remember to save the juice from the cherries. Pour the juice over your favorite part of your partner’s body and suck and lick it off. Cherries are also small enough to place in the vagina. See if your partner can get it out with his tongue. Do this and your heart and the night will be filled with sweet romance.


The Ancient Chinese consider the plump, pungent flavored apricots a symbol of sensuality.


According to Iranians, dates are great for individuals whose sex lives are dwindling.


The peach itself is beautiful. Just look at its blush color, fuzzy skin, and juicy flesh. The aroma is simply to die for, too. The Chinese associates the peach with ripe sexuality. Cut the peach into medium size slices and finger feed them to your partner. Rub the sliced peach around his or her nipple, then lick the juice off.


The pear also has an erotic appeal. Wouldn’t it be fun to feed your partner a pear and watch the juice drizzling down his chin? Before you know it, you will be sucking your partners chin, then the lips, and then everything else on their sexually aroused body.





As far as I know, oysters are the best known of aphrodisiacs. Many people believe that the oyster increases sexual appetite. It has been stated that women most private parts resemble this food and individuals are drawn to taste and savor the intimate space between her legs. Individuals love the texture of the sexually changing mollusk. While many people eat these raw, I suggest steamed or cooked oysters on the half shell. Add some butter or lemon and fork feed them to your partner. Watch them slurp the oyster and just know that that could be your cum dear.


Shrimp are very sensual and so much fun to play with. You and your partner can share the shrimp and tease each other. You can bite one end while your partner bites the other end. Dip the shrimp in your favorite sauce and lightly trace your partner lips, then lick the sauce erotically from their lips, and watch him or her become aroused.


Caviar is an expensive egg shaped food. Caviar has a reputation for being a stimulate of sexual desire. You can serve the Caviar chilled with toast points, with lemon wedges, with minced onions, or with a hard boiled egg. Please note a garnish is not necessary if the caviar is good.




I’ve heard that artichokes make a man’s cum taste sweet. In order for his cum to taste so damn delicious, he must go a whole week without any red meat. Yummy!


Stand a stalk of asparagus straight up. What do you see? I see long and firm tender stalks evoking my erotic mind. It was said that in the 1900’s in France, a bridegroom’s prenuptial dinner contained three courses of warm asparagus because of its reputed aphrodisiac powers. Get me some asparagus for my next meal please!


If someone in Iran sex life is dwindling, they cook turnips in milk to get the sexual appetite revitalized.


The carrot is a root vegetable and has a phallic shape. This vegetable is said to be erotic and was used as a seduction aid by Early Middle Eastern royalty. Carrots have the potential to ignite passion to the max! An old Chinese Proverb: “Those who constantly eat vegetable roots can do anything.” Yes if you eat carrots, you just might be able to pick her up with your dick!


Do you want a quickie? Then the cucumber is for you. The cucumber is known to be the most playful and fun vegetable of all. Just look at its shape and you’ll know why it is considered as an aphrodisiac. Some individuals like eating the cucumbers and others like to insert their pussy with it. What ever floats your boat!


Mushrooms look like the head of a penis. It’s been stated that they give men boners. Eat them and see if it makes your dick get excited. The vegetable is known to look sexually exciting.


Other Foods


Champagne is a symbol of luxury and celebration. Champagne has been known to be called the “Drink of Love.” It has been stated that champagne arouses females and makes them lustful.


You can give your lover chocolate any time or the year. I mean, it doesn’t have to been Valentine’s Day before you treat your lover to some rich chocolate. Chocolate reigns as a tool for wooing our partners into a sensual lovemaking mood. The rich and silky flavor is known to increase the sexually appetite. Light a few candles, spray the room with a warm fragrance, and hand feed your lover a few pieces of rich dark chocolate. Let the candy melt and have your lover to suck the remainder of the candy from your finger.


At the top of the aphrodisiacs list is truffles. Because of its mystery, muskiness, and rarity it will probably always be on the top of the lists as far as aphrodisiacs are concerned. The jet black nuggets are favorable and quite expensive, but they go a long ways in a lover’s heart. If your occasion is very special, go ahead and spend the money for the truffles. It will make your evening a night to remember.

Whipped Cream and Honey

There’s so much you can do with these two sticky foods. Gently spray the whipped cream on your lover’s breast, then lightly spray her labia folds with the food. Take your tongue and eat the whipped cream off of her. Oh Honey…pour the honey on your lover’s dick, grip it tight with your hand, and then cover his dick with your hot mouth. Watch his toes curl and him become sexually stimulated. The flavor of his sweet dick will be a real turn on for you, too.




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